Socially Responsible Investing Policy

We believe that our policy of integrating ESG factors into our credit research process enhances our clients’ long term investment success.

Principles for Responsible Investment – Executive Summary



As lenders to high yield companies we believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations can be an indicator of credit worthiness and are an important part of our obligation to clients.

Investment Impact:

ESG risk factors such as employee relations, diversity, transparency and sustainability could impact profitability, cash flow and an issuer’s ability to pay back debt in a timely manner.


Our culture of engagement with corporate management teams is a core principal of our investment philosophy and lends itself to a productive long term dialogue that can include discussions on ESG issues.


ESG factors are embedded into our research process and tools and do not operate as stand-alone considerations. Our commitment to an integrated approach to ESG is reflected in our ESG policy.


Shenkman has demonstrated its commitment to responsible investing by becoming a PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) signatory.