Firm Profile

We have garnered a reputation as a pioneer and leader in the high yield market.


  • Pioneers in the high yield market
  • Headquartered in New York City, with offices in Stamford, CT
    and London, UK
  • SEC registered investment advisor since 1985
  • Focused on high yield companies
  • Independently owned by team members and directors

Philosophy & Style

  • No style drift: manage money conservatively and defensively under all market conditions
  • Structured and disciplined investment process
  • Bottom-up, fundamental credit analysis
  • Intensive credit research utilizing internally-developed proprietary tools
  • Culture of compliance and tight risk controls


  • Preservation of capital is our highest priority
  • Generate superior, risk-adjusted returns over a full credit cycle
  • Avoid¬†defaults and restructurings
  • Lower volatility than the stated benchmark