Multi-Strategy Credit

Tactically allocate across the capital structure based on our view of relative value.

Our Four Points Multi-Strategy offers a unique exposure to SHENKMAN CAPITAL’s experience and core competency of bottom-up, fundamental research across the capital structure of high yield companies.

Under this strategy, SHENKMAN CAPITAL employs its rigorous investment process to identify opportunities to deploy capital across four of our strategies—high yield bonds, bank loans, convertibles and opportunistic. Separate portfolio managers directly oversee each individual strategy, with their combined expertise rolled up into one fund seeking to optimize risk-adjusted returns. SHENKMAN CAPITAL believes the dynamic nature of its allocation process enables it to tactically adjust the portfolio’s exposure to each product to capitalize on relative value opportunities based upon market conditions.

Why Multi-Strategy?

  • SHENKMAN CAPITAL strives to optimize risk and return over a full market cycle through timely and flexible active management
  • Capitalize on our team’s expertise with four of our seasoned professionals overseeing one combined fund
  • Leverage credit insights across the capital structure based on our proprietary research process
  • Seek to capitalize on shifts in relative value through active management